New ABA President Pledges to Address Human Trafficking, Gender Equity, Cyberterrorism, Among Issues
Former American Bar Association House of Delegates chair and Chicago Bar Association past-president, Laurel Bellows, took office today as ABA president during the association’s Annual Meeting in Chicago.
>> Details on new ABA task forces

ABA Adopts Policy on Ethics in the Profession, Criminal Justice Reforms and Civil Standards in Immigration Detention
The ABA adopted policies relating to ethical considerations for the profession in light of globalization and technological advancements, criminal justice reforms and civil immigration detention standards when the association’s policymaking body met during the 2012 ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago.
>> What happened with Ethics 20/20 recommendations?

House of Delegates Hears From ABA Leaders
The association also presented Morris Dees with the highest ABA honor, and other speakers included the incoming and outgoing presidents.
>> New president-elect and House chair introduced at meeting

National Security Experts Discuss Need for Cybersecurity Cooperation
Hackers and foreign powers that could infiltrate and disrupt the technology that keeps the United States running pose a growing risk.
>> What Department of Homeland Security representative said

Outstanding Women Lawyers Receive ABA Margaret Brent Awards
The awards recognized five trailblazers whose professional journeys paved the way for women worldwide.
>> Who was Margaret Brent?

West Virginia Justice Made Famous by ‘Caperton’ Comments on His Decision to Hear the Case
When should judges refrain from hearing cases due to impartiality concerns? West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Brent Benjamin has weathered the front lines in the debate.
>> Benjamin’s post-Caperton concern

Speakers Debate Pros, Cons of New Voter Registration Laws
The panel highlighted disagreements about the challenges voters may face at the polls this fall as a result of laws adopted in some states requiring voter identification and eliminating early voting, among other changes.
>> Topic generates vigorous debate

Panel: Hispanic Incarceration Rates Driven by Increase in Immigration Enforcement
A panel at the ABA Annual Meeting discussed the link between race and incarceration in light of a U.S. Sentencing Commission report that found that Hispanics, the fast-growing minority group in the nation, account for more than 35 percent of all individuals sentenced.
>> Obama immigration policy has contributed to higher levels of imprisonment, says panelist

ABA Program Tackles Health Care Reform and the Limits of Congressional Power
Lawyers and law professors convened at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting to discuss the limits of congressional power in light of the split decision that kept the Obama administration’s signature accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act, largely intact.
>> Panelists torn on how case reasoning will be applied in future

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