Sen. Lindsey Graham, ABA President Robinson Headline 2012 Opening Assembly
Sen. Lindsey Graham and American Bar Association President Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson urged lawyers to continue to push for an independent judiciary and access to justice, at the Opening Assembly of the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago.
>> Special ceremony honored T-JAGs from each branch of military service.

Lawyers Enjoy a Morning at the Opera With Justice Ginsburg and Solicitor General Verrilli
In what may have been a first for a continuing legal education session — at the ABA Annual Meeting or anywhere — lawyers were treated to a morning of live operatic performances interspersed with commentary from legal superstars.
>> The art of persuasion in an excerpt from “Faust.”

Follow the House of Delegates
On Monday, Aug. 6, the ABA House of Delegates will debate and vote on ABA policy resolutions. Follow the results in real time here.

ABA Vows to Help End Human Trafficking
American Bar Association President-Elect Laurel Bellows expressed confidence that the association would do its part to eliminate this fast-growing crime: “But the ABA is not going to do it alone,” she said.
>> Task Force on Human Trafficking will help train first responders.

All-Star Panel of Best-Selling Authors Shares Secrets to Success
A distinguished panel of best-selling lawyer-authors gathered to discuss their writing careers in “The Law as a Platform for Writing.”
>> Why do so many lawyers write fiction?

Stereotyping and Bias Can Affect Success in Law, Panelists Say
The Summer Olympics provided a fitting backdrop for an analogy from a panelist at the ABA Annual Meeting on how bias and stereotyping affect career performance among members of differing racial, ethnic and gender groups.
>> Subtle messages from others can prevent success.

New ABA ‘Lawyer as Citizen’ Initiative and Website Encourage Lawyers to Volunteer on Election Day
The American Bar Association Annual Meeting Aug. 2-7 in Chicago marks the kickoff of a “Lawyer as Citizen” campaign, and an accompanying website, to encourage lawyers to volunteer at the polls in the November election.
>> Site is a resource to help lawyers find local polling sites.

Education and Legal Action Can Remedy School Bullying, Panelists Say
As many as nine out of 10 LGBT teens reported being bullied within the past year because of their sexual orientation, panelists noted during an Annual Meeting program titled “Leave My Child Alone, or I’ll …What? Using the Law to Stand Up to Bullies.”
>> Schools that don’t take action may be violating civil rights laws.

ABA Panel Discusses How Immigration Policies Are Affecting Students’ Access to Higher Education
With comprehensive federal immigration reform stalled, states are taking widely different approaches on whether undocumented young people can receive in-state tuition, scholarships or even attend a university or college at all.
>> Some states restrict or ban undocumented students from enrolling in college.

Judges, Lawyers Discuss Difficult Courtroom Questions and the Ethical Way to Respond
Is it ethical for judges to avoid cases that are likely to evoke intense public reaction when they are up for re-election? Should children testifying about sexual abuse be allowed to hold a dog to make them more comfortable in court?
>> Discussion touched on language and cultural barriers, physical disabilities and more.


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