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Useful ABA technology webpages

Learn more about technology with these ABA member benefits:

  • Law Technology Today, a regularly updated legal technology blog with the latest tips, tricks and news to help you keep your practice on the cutting edge.
  • LTRC webpage, an extensive repository of technology articles, guides and resources, maintained by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center.

(Re)introducing the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center

Technology is constantly evolving. Fountain pens gave way to typewriters and eventually the computer. Documents that were once transmitted by mail or courier moved to fax, then to email and now are often exchanged through collaborative online workspaces. Much of the business that used to be conducted face to face is now handled in online Web conferences. And some technologies, like Twitter or the iPad, are new altogether.

With each new technology comes the potential for lawyers to achieve improved efficiency and effectiveness, but there's also the risk of wasted dollars, useless distractions and even ethical missteps—intentional or otherwise. Striking the right balance between technical sophistication and prudent business is daunting. For ABA members, however, resources are available to help you meet this demand head on.

In today's challenging market for legal services, finding and taking advantage of practice opportunities is more important than ever. For more than 20 years, the ABA's Legal Technology Resource Center, or LTRC, has helped lawyers improve their practices through careful, strategic implementation of technology. Whether you're a new solo practitioner adrift without the benefit of an IT staff, a young associate looking for an edge or in-house counsel struggling to find ways to be more cost effective, the LTRC has resources and expertise that can help:

  • Law Technology Today. Staying on top of the latest technology news, tips and issues is our full-time focus. On our Law Technology Today blog, we bring together some of the leading voices on legal technology to share their advice and experience. Posts range from new product announcements to security alerts to roundups of practice management tips. For those using an RSS reader, the blog is also available via RSS feed.

  • LTRC webpage. The LTRC site hosts a large repository of practical, helpful legal technology content. You'll find brief overviews of popular technology topics, intended to provide a basic introduction to even the most technophobic lawyer. The webpage also features detailed articles, comparison charts for common legal software, including case management and time and billing, summaries of ethics opinions related to technology, and even a free legal-research search engine that combs more than 400 law reviews and journals.
  • Technology Training Library. Many technology purchases end in frustration and disappointment. Firms and legal departments stretch their budgets to find room for the latest technology, only to find their investment wasted when the tools are implemented poorly or never fully utilized. Most of these frustrations and headaches stem from a lack of proper education and training. To help, we've assembled a library of short, focused technology training videos on topics including Adobe Acrobat, email management and Microsoft Outlook. You can also check out new videos on our YouTube channel.

  • Annual Legal Technology Survey. Every year for more than two decades, the LTRC has surveyed ABA members in private practice about their technology use. The data, presented in six separate topical volumes, covers everything from basic technology budgeting decisions to the use of iPads and other cutting-edge tools. The survey is available at a discount for ABA members through the ABA Web Store, but you'll also find it on the shelves of many law libraries around the country.

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