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5 smart billing practices to keep
good clients

A client opens your bill and is perplexed by the charges. If it's an existing client, perhaps he or she is left wondering about price increases. A new client might be struggling to understand why everything costs so much.

Laura A. Calloway, director of the Alabama State Bar's Practice Management Assistance Program, says by making a few tweaks to your billing process, you can reduce your risk of losing business over dollars and cents. In a recent issue of Law Practice Magazine, Calloway offers five management practices to avoid billing problems.

  • Regularly review your internal costs for various services and evaluate how those costs compare with what you are charging, the benefits to your clients and their ability to find a cheaper firm or to do the work themselves.
  • Always discuss the cost of handling new work, even if it's for a long-standing client. If the client doesn't ask about the cost, it's the lawyer's responsibility to bring it up.
  • Let existing clients know upfront about price increases. Don't let the change be a surprise.
  • Send your bill as soon as services are rendered. That will give the client time to make objections or to avoid payments being applied to additional work.
  • If a certain type of work isn't profitable, tell the client so that he or she can make other arrangements. This is preferable to charging an unreasonable fee for the unwanted work.

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Law Practice Magazine is a publication of the Law Practice Management Section.

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