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Sixty must-see websites for lawyers from ABA TECHSHOW

This year’s ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago concluded with the popular plenary session “60 Sites in 60 Minutes,” where legal technologists Reid Trautz, Natalie Kelly, Dan Pinnington and Catherine Sanders Reach shared a variety of must-see websites for lawyers.

Sites to help you do your job

  • ABA Preview of Supreme Court Cases –  Learn everything you want or need to know about what is happening at the U.S. Supreme Court—past, present and future.
  • Fastcase and Mobile Sync – Get legal research on your desktop, iPhone or iPad. Bar association users can use the Mobile Sync feature to keep one research session going across all platforms.
  • CellularAbroad – Find the best mobile phone and coverage option specific to your phone and carrier when traveling overseas.
  • Google Scholar – Add treatment to citing cases.
  • Jureeka – Turn legal citations in web pages into hyperlinks that point to online legal source material in Chrome or Firefox.
  • TinyEye – Reverse image search: find out source of an image, other uses of it, higher resolution versions, etc.
  • Google Images – Obtain more information on an image by dragging and dropping it into the Google Search box using Chrome.
  • Meevsu – Host a live confrontation or debate via webcam, with an audience voting for the winner.

Helpful information

  • Law Practice Today – Review the archive of this Law Practice Management Section e-zine, which is full of terrific articles on all aspects of law practice management.
  • Room77 – See what your hotel view is like, before you book the room
  • Priceblink – Compare prices on items and find the lowest prices while you shop and set notifications for desired price points.
  • The Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group – Exists for one purpose. You’ll have to see for yourself because you won’t believe it until you see it.
  • PMA Pipe – Keep up with all the law practice management blogs.
  • MarineTraffic – Watch the movement of ships around the world, tracked by GPS in real time.
  • AllTop – See the top headlines on the most popular news sites and blogs
  • The World at 7 Billion - With seven billion people in the world, where do you fit in? Just enter your birthdate and find out!
  • Handsfreeinfo – See your state’s cell phone and texting laws for drivers.
  • WhoIsTheMostFamous – Guess the most famous surname, using just a first name.
  • Scoopertino – Check out this parody blog of all things Apple (based in Coopertino, Calif.) that recently claimed Apple would replace the complete iTunes library with songs sung by Siri, starting with “Stairway to Heaven!”
  • US Department of State – Obtain important travel information for every country in the world.
  • An American’s Guide to Canada – Learn everything you want to know about life in the Great White North, including “Canadianisms” and how to immigrate.

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Technology tools and sites

  • Adobe – Collaborate, convert and edit PDF documents.
  • Alternativeto – Find recommended software alternatives based on user feedback, when you’ve decided to replace an application.
  • FollowUpThen - Schedule follow-ups to emails you don’t need to deal with now, by simply forwarding them to this site.
  • Snipreel – Clip YouTube videos so you can share just the best parts.
  • GreatApps – Weed through the 1,000s of apps out there on this site, which features the best 25 at a time.
  • “If This Then That” – Write “recipes” and tasks to automate actions between “channels” like Facebook, Twitter, email, Dropbox, Evernote and more. 
  • Thsrs Find shorter synonyms for longer words.
  • Zamzar – Covert computer files you upload into other formats; great for old WordPerfect docs you now need to access via MS Word.
  • Down for everyone or just me? Find out if a website is down.
  • Ninite Pick all the popular software you want to install right from one page.
  • FacebookCheating – Read and share stories of cheating that happened via Facebook. Also access spying and therapeutic resources for online activity.
  • Factory Reset Wiki – Find factory reset codes and procedures for all kinds of products.
  • – Use this free, yet robust, screen sharing and conference call system that is extremely easy to set up and join.
  • TextMechanic – Manipulate and play with text in all sorts of different ways.

Social media tools and resources

  • – Generate a cartoon avatar and infographic for your Twitter account.
  • Centers for Disease Control – Find tips on surviving the zombie apocalypse (and other disasters).
  • MemoLane – Emails you reminders of your social media past.
  • – Use this video aggregator that provides a convenient platform to find and view informative and humorous videos in one place.
  • Twylah - Create a great-looking website out of your tweets and the links they contain.
  • MyPermissions – Examine and clean up all the permissions you’ve given social media apps that access your private data.

Law practice management

  • HBS Elevator Pitch Builder – Hone your elevator pitch using this online pitch builder from the good folks at the Harvard Business School.
  • Thinkstock – Find a huge supply of the best stock images.
  • 99Designs – Use this new online graphics marketplace to have law firm logos and website graphics designed at extremely low rates, thanks to the winner-takes-all nature of the marketplace.

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Online privacy and dangers

  • Google Privacy Tools – Learn all the ways Google gives you control over the information you share and store with them.
  • ScamTrends – Keep track of all the constant attempts to scam you by email, social media, phone, etc.
  • AvoidAClaim – Review this blog about law practice management and claims prevention, which features warnings about the latest fraud attempts against lawyers.
  • FCC Small Biz Cyber Planner – Get information on how smaller companies can secure themselves against cyber crime.
  • SecretSync - Share proprietary, sensitive information using online synchronization utilities.
  • StartPage – Use this search engine that doesn’t collect your personal data.

Non-billable time

  • MapCrunch - Teleport anywhere in the world via Google Streetview.  
  • MyExWife’s Wedding Dress – Check out this site started by a man whose wife purposely left behind her wedding dress when they separated, and what he did with it to get even. Family lawyers will especially get a kick out of it.
  • VeryFunnyAds - Pretty self explanatory!
  • AbsolutelyMadness – See a collection of the funniest pictures on the Internet.
  • PhotoShop Disasters – Check out this collection of the worst examples of bad Photoshop efforts.
  • Monk-e-Mail - Customize an animated message complete with your own voice in just minutes to send a birthday greeting or other fun greeting. It’s hosted by of all things—but why not?
  • PoopSenders – Use this for a friend or foe, res ipsa loquitor.
  • Craftastrophe – Check out this collection of the tackiest examples of homemade crafts.
  • WhySiriWhy?Find amusing Siri quotes and awkward voice-text failures.
  • – Go.  Laugh. Get back to work!
  • Devolve Me – Upload a photo of yourself (or someone else) and devolve it to see what you would look like 1.8 million years ago.
  • MultiPlayerPiano - Play the piano online with whomever else is on the site at the same time.

The list of websites from the “60 Sites in 60 Minutes” session appears on Trautz’s blog, Reid My Blog! Trautz is chair of the ABA TECHSHOW 2012 planning board.

ABA TECHSHOW is a conference of the Law Practice Management Section.

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