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Moving diversity forward: Strategies for inclusion, obstacles to overcome
For more than 20 years, the legal profession has struggled to diversify its ranks, and minorities remain vastly underrepresented. Vernā Myers, a diversity consultant for more than two decades, says the missing component to diversity’s success is likely inclusion, and offers guidance on achieving that inclusion for more fulfilling and productive workplaces.
Three diversity missteps made by law firms >>

eLawyering forecast: Six prediction on tomorrow’s law practice
In the decade since the ABA eLawyering Task Force was formed to help lawyers learn how to deliver legal services online, the possibilities afforded by the Internet have exploded. Task force co-chairs Richard S. Granat and Marc Lauritsen lay out their prediction for elawyering in the next five years.
Impact of extranet cost reductions, LegalZoom, more >>

Is my document secure enough?
Is converting documents to PDFs enough to eliminate the metadata contained in them? According to legal technologists Sharon Nelson, John Simek and Michael Maschke, the answer is no. Converting documents to PDF removes most of the metadata, but it doesn’t eliminate all of it.
Recommended metadata removal tools >>

Tips on winning discovery disputes
According to Joel Ewusiak of Forizs & Dogali, PA, many courts have recently adopted rather onerous orders to deter motions to compel discovery, leading counsel to go back and forth to resolve disputes before the judge will even hear the motion at hand. And the losing party must sometimes pay the winning party’s attorney fees and other costs. Minding the common objections in discovery disputes can help ensure that lawyers end up on the winning side if they must go in front of a judge.
Ewusiak’s practical advice >>

Five ways website owners can lose protection from posting third-party content
For 15 years, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act has provided website owners with protection from a broad range of claims related to content posted to their sites by third parties. While experts Edward Fenno and Christina Humphries say that “hosting, reviewing, editing and even soliciting [third-party] content all typically are protected activities,” the authors also point out that case law indicates that CDA protection may be lost under certain circumstances.
Failure to observe take-down notices has consequences >>

Women to women: Help establishing your own law firm
The number of jobs in the legal sector shrunk by 3,500 over the past 12 months, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With legal hiring still in the doldrums, many women in the law are considering hanging a shingle, and a new book from the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession can help them make the leap.
Solos share tips >>

Mental illness, dementia: Getting help for colleagues
If you notice a colleague exhibiting signs of a mental illness or dementia, do you know what to do? According to Robin Belleau, clinical director of the Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program, help is available through your state’s lawyers’ assistance program.LAPs now provide assistance for a range of disorders—from low-level stress and anxiety, to addiction, clinical depression and other mental disorders.
Advice on interventions >>

U.S. Supreme Court: What’s on docket, forecast on coming cases
A panel of analysts and reporters who cover the U.S. Supreme Court met on Sept. 19 to talk about the hottest issues the high court faced last year and to predict the cases it will likely hear in the term that began earlier this month. The program was hosted by the ABA Standing Committee on Public Education and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.
Constitutionality of national healthcare likely heard >>

Young lawyers: Pro bono can aid career advancement
How can pro bono improve one’s legal career?  Where can a young lawyer look for pro bono opportunities? These were among the issues addressed by a panel of young lawyers meeting to discuss incorporating pro bono into growing careers.
Volunteer for the experience you need >>

Expanding access to justice, ABA pro bono initiatives highlighted at LSC meeting
The organized bar and individual lawyers have many opportunities to help expand access to justice for low-income Americans in tight economic times. That was a central topic of discussion for the board of directors of the federal Legal Services Corp., which held its quarterly meeting Oct. 16-18 at the ABA headquarters in Chicago.
ABA opportunities for pro bono >>

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University of New Hampshire School of Law

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Oct. 13

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Eye on Ethics

Facebook: Monitoring juror social media networking sites; “friending” employees of adverse parties

You are representing a client in a personal injury matter. Can you monitor jurors’ and potential jurors’ social network postings? What are your obligations when uncovering evidence of misconduct?

You represent a client in a wrongful discharge matter. You have reason to believe that certain employees of the client’s former employer may post unfavorable comments about the employer on their social networking pages. Can you “friend” these employees to access their private pages?


Technology Translators

Time management tips for social media

Social media tools can be a great way to communicate, collaborate, share, and connect with clients and colleagues. However, many lawyers are overwhelmed by the time commitment, and the occasional writers’ block.

Read this article to get some tools and tips to use to effectively manage your time commitment on social media.



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