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Nancy Gimbol, Director of Marketing, Flaster/Greenberg PC

In today's ever-changing and cutting-edge world, having a presence on social media sites is essential in any business—and the legal industry is no exception. Can you imagine a business without a Website? I can't. It is hard to imagine, but I do believe that in the far future, social media profiles will begin to replace websites.

At the ABA Law Firm Marketing Strategies Conference in November, Peter Shankman gave an insightful presentation on the future of social media. During this presentation, he explained to Conference attendees that Facebook profiles will soon outnumber the number of law firm Websites.

Social media profiles are used by potential clients, recruiters, experts, work colleagues and other professionals. Empirical data and Web statistics prove that people are using social media Websites to do their preliminary research on individuals and companies.

If you do not already have a profile on the basic social media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you need to take the time to establish one. You can review the existing profiles of your colleagues and clients and create your own (it is not difficult!) with little effort. Be sure to connect with the contacts that are in your address book, follow them and see how they are using social media sites to increase their presence on the Web. In time, you will be surprised to know that you are exploring new tactics to highlight yourself and the work that you do.

I joined LPM in order to network with other legal professionals in all facets of the business of law, to learn more about other areas of administration and management, for better access to changing laws related to legal marketing, and to help the attorneys that I work with to better understand the importance and relevance of legal marketing in developing their practices.

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

Ken Young, Principal, Young Mayden, LLC

Thirty years in big law firms and now four years of doing legal search and consulting with many law firms across the country leaves me sure of at least one thing; most problems within law firms and with their clients can usually be traced to some form of failed communication. Whether acts of omission (not enough clear communication on an assignment or compensation/bonus system, assuming people know things they don’t, etc.) or acts of commission (confusing or downright misleading communication), the unfortunate result is a mixture of surprise, angst and anger. The lawyer who does not get the raise or promotion she thought she deserved. The client whose expectations were not managed properly and is surprised when the case is lost. Or very surprised at the size of the bill even when the case is won.

Having once been a group leader for 25 labor and employment lawyers in several different offices of a large firm, we had an internal rule that we also recommended to our corporate clients-the “no surprise” rule. For the corporation it meant employees who were not surprised when terminated rarely filed a wrongful termination claim or discrimination charges. Those employees had usually been properly counseled regarding their poor performance, absenteeism, etc., and those communications from management were properly documented and signed by the employee.

The same rule should be followed within law firms and with clients. Law firms that clearly communicate objective (purely subjective rarely works anywhere) performance and compensation policies and who consistently implement them without individual favoritism are rarely surprised by attorney departures. On work assignments, ongoing dialogue and feedback regarding quality and timeliness of work, as opposed to only sporadic or annual reviews, are also critically important if the firm wants to deliver quality work to its clients. And many work products with which partners are dissatisfied can often be traced back to, you guessed it, poor or hasty communication when giving the assignment. What is often referred to as “garbage in, garbage out”.

With regard to client communications, due to ever developing social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn there are more avenues than ever before to have ongoing and consistent dialogue with clients and thereby avoid surprises, disappointments and damaged relationships. While privacy and ethical issues can come into play and good judgment is always necessary, the bottom line is that clients, and particularly those with in-house counsel, expect consistent communication regarding their matters and usually by more means than just email or the written letter.

So if you are the New Years resolution type, resolve to be a better communicator. It is rumored to work on the home front too!

*Title from the 1967 movie: Cool Hand Luke

Meetings & CLE

ABA TECHSHOW 2012 Conference and EXPO

ABA TECHSHOW 2012 is a unique conference dedicated to helping legal professionals understand what technology is available and what will suit your needs. It is the only event that brings lawyers and technology together in a format that suits beginners through the techiest of techies.

Ben Stein is the ABA TECHSHOW 2012 Keynote!

Ben Stein, ABA TECHSHOW 2012 Keynote SpeakerBen Stein

With such an expansive career – lawyer, writer, economist, and actor – Ben is going to bring a unique perspective to ABA TECHSHOW that we have never experienced before. Ben's career accomplishments include working at the Federal Trade Commission, lawyer and speech writer for Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, columnist for The Wall Street Journal, and now, ABA TECHSHOW Keynote Speaker. This is going to be the "can't miss" event of ABA TECHSHOW!

Don't miss ABA TECHSHOW 2012, March 29-31, 2012, at the Hilton Chicago where we'll cover what you not only need to know, but want to know in legal technology.

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iPad for Litigators | January 19
Today many trial lawyers are ditching their laptops and complicated trial technology set-ups in favor of the iPad. The iPad's compact design, versatility, and power make it a convenient and surprisingly useful litigation tool.


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The LPM Member-Get-A-Member Campaign is a Section recruitment and rewards program that runs from January 1, 2012 through April 1, 2012. The Campaign rewards current LPM members for encouraging their colleagues to join LPM.

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You: The top five LPM recruiters will receive prizes corresponding to the number of new members referred including: (1) Hertz Car Rental Certificates; (2) Registration to ABA TECHSHOW 2013 or the ABA Women Rainmakers Mid-Career Workshop; (3) a Kindle Fire; (4) Group of 5 LPM best-selling books; (5) Group of 2 LPM best-selling books. 

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