General Practice, Solo & Small Firm DivisionMagazine

Volume 17, Number 5
July/August 2000


From The Chair Sharon C. Stevens
       Looking Back, Looking Ahead.

Legislative Update E. E. Anderson
       Fighting over Bills

The Business of Law® Edward Poll
       Reducing Office Expenses


Dividing Federal Employee Retirement Benefits for Divorcing Spouses Mary Ann R. Baker-Randall

Learn how to draft the pleading that divides government employee retirement benefits-it's not quite the same as a QDRO.

Letter to Client from Thrift Savings Plan

Sample Order Dividing Employee's Thrift Savings Plan Account (Employee Not Retired)

Sample Order Dividing Employee's Civil Service Retirement Pension (Employee Not Retired)

OSHA and Wage & Hour Issues: How Small Businesses Are Affected Christopher J. Carney

Failure to comply with safety and health regulations and proper payment practices can be costly for your small business clients.

FEMA: Federal Disaster Relief Sandra Leon and Sandy Lubin

FEMA's Comprehensive Emergency Management Concept boasts four phases: preparedness; hazard mitigation; response; and the recovery process.

Social Security Disability Law: A Primer for Lawyers Margy LaFond

One in three Social Security beneficiaries is not a retiree. Find out what benefits your client is eligible to receive, and how to get paid for doing the work.

Dividing Military Retired Pay under the Uniformed Services Former Spouse's Protection Act Joan M. Burda and Michael B. Majeski

Military retired pay is often the single largest asset in divorces where one party is an active or retired member of the military. The act provides for direct payment of child and spousal support. But who qualifies for benefits?
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Contracting with the Federal Government James F. Nagle

Government contracts are ruled by a labyrinth of statutes and regulations. Here's a map through the maze.
       How to Review a Federal Contract

U.S. Government Websites

Veterans Benefits Law: A Wide-Open Area of Practice Barton F. Stichman

The Veterans Court has consistently overturned more than 60 percent of the Board of Veterans' Appeals decisions it reviews. Lawyers are helping their clients go after VA disability benefits on a contingency basis-and winning.

Living Longer in Ways You Least Expect: Long-Term Care Insurance and Accelerated Benefits Life Insurance Cameron Harris and Jerry Salamone

The cost of long-term care can wreck a lifetime of financial planning.

The Industrial Classification Codes Edward Grosek and Thomas Jones

Industrial classification systems identify and list by numbers all economic activities in all the industries and services and in public administration.


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