Issue 8 | Summer 2011
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Watching baseball's All-Star Game a couple of weeks ago, I was reminded why these players are great. They know their jobs (and then do those jobs brilliantly). The lead-off hitter knows he isn't supposed to swing for the fences. He's supposed to get on base. The second hitter moves him over to another base. The third and fourth guys in the lineup are responsible for driving in the runs. In the field on defense, each player concentrates on his position and his area while he backs up others. In the scheme of things, collisions are pretty infrequent. When the ball's hit between center and left field, the players talk or signal each other until the play is made.

Understanding your role is fundamental in baseball. It's pretty essential in our lives as bar leaders, too. As I think about the organizations with which I'm involved, I'm amazed at all the parts that have to work in concert to allow us to be most effective. As a board member, that means I have to understand my role. But I also need to understand the roles of others and where the boundaries are.

This issue of BoardLink explores some of those boundaries - boundaries that aren't always clear, and aren't always the same in every organization. Rather than make assumptions about them, we hope we'll prompt you to ask questions of your board and establish roles that are best for your bar. They are essential keys to providing extraordinary all-star service to members and the community.


William R. Bay
Chair, ABA Standing Committee on Bar Activities and Services

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This column discusses understanding the board's role.
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In each issue, we share with you a sticky governance scenario that has arisen in some form in one of our bar associations. This issue's scenario deals with the risks of making commitments on the bar's behalf. Read this article
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