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October 10, 2018

ABA Open Meetings Policy

The ABA has a policy, adopted in 1979, that encourages media coverage of its programs and events.  A subsequent policy, adopted in 1991, reaffirmed this:

“In accordance with the Association’s policy on open meetings, programs should be open to the media for purposes of news and public affairs, although the sponsoring entity may impose restrictions to minimize disruptions or distractions or to conduct business sessions of a confidential nature. The Association retains the rights to its intellectual property.

Media may make fair use of taped materials for criticism, comment or news reporting.  Subsequent commercial use of the content of any program is prohibited without the express written permission of the ABA.  Media should receive complementary sets of whatever printed materials are necessary to help them provide informed coverage. Relations at meal functions are generally smoother if meals are provided to news people; but, if this is not financially feasible, media still should be admitted just to cover the program.”