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YourABA December 2019


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General Practice

5 ways to stay safe on airport WiFi

The more people you share an internet connection with, the more vulnerable you are to data theft. That’s why it is always safe to browse the internet from home or at the workplace where the networks are uncongested and secure. But you cannot hide in this comfort zone forever; you will occasionally need to use public internet, such as a coffee shop or airport WiFi. When that happens, how do you secure your data? Here are 5 tips for staying safe while using airport WiFi.

General Practice

How to confront bias in the criminal justice system

In 1999, the American Bar Association conducted a nationwide survey and released a report entitled “Public Understanding and Perceptions of the American Justice System,” in which half of the respondents thought that men were treated more fairly than women in the criminal justice system and fewer than half thought that people of color were treated as fairly as whites. A Pew Research Center study published last May on the perception of justice shows similar results some 20 years later: 9 in 10 black adults (87%) said blacks are generally treated less fairly by the criminal justice system than whites, a view shared by 61% of white adults.