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YourABA May 2018


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Practice Technology

Are law firms sleepwalking into business outage issues?

Legal firms face a number of ever-increasing risks as the variety and unpredictability of cyber terrorism intent on taking down a company’s systems increase, and the reasons for this are not always financially motivated, making them harder to predict. Preparation is critical to ensuring businesses can continue to operate in the event of an outage or period of downtime. After the cyberattack on DLA Piper and disruptions caused by four major hurricanes last year, clients are casting a more cautious eye over the potential fallout from business outages and ensuing disruption.


Can structured negotiations replace lawsuits?

In 1994, Berkeley, Calif.-based disability rights lawyers Lainey Feingold and her colleague were contacted by a blind lawyer who was concerned about the lack of accessibility to ATM machines for the blind. “At the time there was no case law about the lack of accessible ATMs for the disabled. But we thought this was a really good issue because blind people should have access to their own money. We said we should file a class action,” said Feingold.