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July 2017


Featured Articles

Practice Technology

Legal tech gurus forecast how AI will impact your practice

There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to the effects of artificial intelligence (AI) on the future of the law practice. One faction believes that robots and all AI are going to render lawyers largely redundant or drastically reduce their numbers. On the other side are those who say artificial intelligence is vastly overblown, that it’s just a fad and that it will not have that big of an impact on the legal industry.

Litigation & Trials

10 Tips for effective opening and closing arguments

Opening and closing statements are the bookends of your trial, and offer a chance to tell your client’s story, framing it the way you want the jury to hear it. A solid opening statement gets the trial off on the right track. “This is the only time you’re really going to have the chance to make a first impression in front of the jury,” said litigation expert Miranda Lundeen Soto, a partner at Shook Hardy & Bacon in Miami. She was a panelist in the ABA webinar “Openings and Closings 101.”