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YourABA April 2017


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Lawyer Wellness

8 tips on bouncing back from a setback

Lawyers are expected to be their best in and outside of the courtroom. Many lives can depend on them, including their clients and their families. Developing resilience is critical for lawyers to maintain fitness to practice and to avoid running afoul of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct or applicable state rules. Lawyers need to be able to rebound quickly from setbacks, face challenges with a positive perspective and feel energized rather than depleted from their work.

Practice Management

Compensating nonlawyer employees

Bringing in business is essential for law firms, and lawyers thusly associated are evaluated on their prowess in this area as well as their practice skills. But nonlawyer employees can also be valuable in this regard, and have access to networks of individuals that may or may not be available to the lawyers in a firm. The question arises if a lawyer’s compensation is based in part on how much business they bring to the firm, why not likewise motivate and reward a nonlawyer employee?