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July 01, 2024

Statement of ABA President Mary Smith RE: Supreme Court ruling in Trump v. U.S.

CHICAGO, July 1, 2024 — The Supreme Court issued its ruling in Trump v. United States and held that a president does have immunity from criminal prosecution for “official acts” but not “unofficial acts,” sending back the case to the lower court to determine the application of this principle to facts in the case.

The American Bar Association believes that the foundation of our system is equal justice under law and is dedicated to the principle of fair, just and impartial application and enforcement of the law regardless of the position or status of any individual alleged to have violated the law. The principle of “no man is above the law” dates back more than 800 years to the Magna Carta. While prosecuting a president for his actions can present challenges and the Constitution gives a president specific powers on which to act, it is important to realize that public confidence and trust in our legal and judicial system is dependent on equal treatment.

As the pending cases against former President Donald Trump continue, the courts will continue to address these issues and will decide the outcome. We all need to respect today’s decision and the continuing judicial process that will ultimately resolve these matters.

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