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August 08, 2023

ABA on the CASE: Creatives win access to justice

Creative content creators of limited means now have a way to swift justice, thanks to advocacy from the American Bar Association, the nation’s largest lawyers’ organization.

“ABA on the CASE” details efforts to ensure the rights of creators who cannot afford to protect their intellectual property, thereby demonstrating the effectiveness of grassroots advocacy and inspiring further efforts.

The video debuted Aug. 8 during the ABA Annual Meeting.

In 2019, ABA voted to pursue long-needed help for thousands of infringed owners nationwide stymied by the expensive and complex federal courts.

When a lawsuit costs more than the value of a claim, we fail to incentivize new expressive works, explained the ABA president in The Hill, drumming-up support for change.

ABA won passage of the landmark 2020 Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act, establishing a first-of-its-kind tribunal specifically for creators seeking compensation under $30,000 for copyright violations.

Today, creators of limited means can finally protect their intellectual property. The law now allows claims without a lawyer, virtual proceedings, and decisions are delivered electronically – a more efficient and economical way to obtain relief than ever before.

“ABA on the CASE” shows that persistent advocacy moves the needle on justice.