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ABA to host symposium on effect of COVID-19 on family law

April 5, 2021

The American Bar Association Family Law Section is holding its Family Law Quarterly Virtual Symposium on April 8 featuring two panels discussing the impact COVID-19 has had on family law. The symposium is co-sponsored by New York Law School.

The ABA Family Law Section's Quarterly Virtual Symposium will be held April 8.

The ABA Family Law Section's Quarterly Virtual Symposium will be held April 8.

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The panels are:

“Virtual Hearings, Family Court Proceedings and the Future” This panel will consider the impact of court closures and the use of virtual court proceedings in the context of family law, for both domestic and international cases. The panel, which includes Nathalie Gonzalez, legal director of Legal Information for Families Today in New York City, will discuss legal and practical challenges presented by virtual proceedings in the family law context and consider the extent to which virtual proceedings may be incorporated into future practice.

“Addressing System Gaps: Representing Clients and Accessing Services” — This panel of experts, including Dawne Mitchell, attorney-in-charge of Juvenile Rights Practice at the Legal Aid Society in New York City; Sarah White, senior attorney and director at Clayton Family Advocacy Office, Atlanta Legal Aid Society and Jamie Bormann, deputy director of the Crisis Line & Safe House of Central Georgia in Macon, will consider how COVID-19 has impacted systems for providing interventions, supports or oversight in family law, as well as some best practices for client representation and advocacy. Specific areas for discussion include child welfare, individuals with special needs, surrogacy and domestic violence. Lisa Grumet, visiting associate professor of law; director, Diane Abbey Law Institute for Children and Families; faculty editor/editor-in-chief, Family Law Quarterly; New York Law School, New York City, will give opening remarks.

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