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March 15, 2021

ABA Legal Fact Check explores social media platforms and freedom of speech

WASHINGTON, March 15, 2021 — A new ABA Legal Fact Check released today examines the case and statutory law allowing social media companies and their sites to ban or suspend individuals for promoting falsehoods of hatred.

In recent weeks, those who have found themselves kicked off social media platforms have includedthen-President Donald J. Trump and several of his allies, in addition to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for posting anti-vaccine assertions. The new fact check looks at recent court decisions addressing these issues, as well as federal communications law that provides additional protections to social media sites to restrict access to others and to avoid liability for false and hateful posts.

ABA Legal Fact Check seeks to help the media and public find dependable answers and explanations to sometimes confusing legal questions and issues. Recently, the web portal for ABA Legal Fact Check added a search button for its content, which is grouped by legal topics in nine different categories, including COVID-19 legal issues, presidential authority, election law, and police and security.

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