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January 12, 2021

ABA President Refo promotes solidarity at Opening of the Legal Year ceremony

ABA President Patricia Lee Refo promoted solidarity with lawyers worldwide and the importance of adhering to the rule of law in remarks delivered virtually at the ceremonial Opening of the Legal Year 2021 in Hong Kong on Tuesday.  

“At this unprecedent time of challenge, it is important that those of us with a common commitment to the rule of law come together and protect and strengthen legal institutions, both at home and globally,” Refo said. “We must constantly strive to improve our institutions in service to the rights of all to justice, fairness and equity.”

Refo acknowledged the challenges that the legal profession has faced since COVID-19 started to sweep across the globe almost a year ago. The pandemic has disrupted court procedures, upended legal practices and law schools, and delayed bar exams.

She also highlighted the work of the ABA to assist lawyers and the judicial system in the face of the pandemic, including the Practice Forward initiative, which focuses on serving the practice needs of lawyers now and in the future, and the COVID-19 task force, which helps to coordinate pro bono and legal services efforts across the U.S.

Read Refo’s remarks here