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May 29, 2020

ABA President Judy Perry Martinez statement Re: Events in Minneapolis, elsewhere and equal justice

WASHINGTON, May 29, 2020 – The American Bar Association is troubled and saddened by events in Minneapolis and other places that underscore the violence against people of color - including police brutality— that still plagues our country despite the great strides our nation has made in recent decades to advance justice and civil rights. 

Our society and the safety of the people who comprise it — citizens and law enforcement — rely on the rule of law. But the law must be fairly applied and enforced. All citizens need to have faith that our justice system is fair, and our laws are applied equitably. It also is essential that laws and authority are respected and followed.

We recognize that the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges do their jobs with honor, fairness and integrity, just as the great majority of protesters exercise their constitutional rights to assemble and speak publicly in a peaceful and orderly manner.

Public trust must be rebuilt and fortified. Reforms must be introduced. The ABA will join efforts to develop and implement solutions. These tragic events must not define our nation and we stand unified in the principle of equal justice for all.