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January 30, 2020

Lawyers Division and Lawyer Exchange launch collaboration

The American Bar Association Senior Lawyers Division is collaborating with  Lawyer Exchange, an online legal staffing and recruitment website, to provide special discounts to all ABA members.

ABA members will receive 50 percent off project service fees as part of an exclusive  discount with Lawyer Exchange. Through the ABA’s Member Benefit Program, Lawyer Exchange will host a platform where lawyers or law firms can post project descriptions, and lawyers looking for work can bid them.

Once ABA members sign up for their free account, they will be connected to more than 3,000 freelance attorneys. It takes minutes to post a project for free and there are no upfront costs or membership fees.

“Lawyer Exchange makes finding and getting project-based work easy. It helps solo and small firm practitioners hire quality legal associates on a project-basis for example if they are seeking specialized legal knowledge or simply need extra hands,” said  Albert C. Harvey, ABA Senior Lawyers Division chair. “It can assist senior attorneys looking to wind down or reduce their workload without having to close their firm.”

Interested members can sign up for the benefit and receive the discount by going to the Lawyer Exchange member benefits page. To learn more, go to

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the ABA to provide their members with this project fee discount.” said Bob Meltzer, CEO of Lawyer Exchange. “It’s now more affordable than ever for ABA members to find quick, reliable help at a moment’s notice for their law practices through our platform.”