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ABA rolls out rule of law social media campaign

Last week, the American Bar Association launched a public education campaign focused on the rule of law in the United States and around the world. Using social media – including the ABA’s TwitterFacebookInstagram and LinkedIn accounts – the campaign incorporates lively videos featuring motion graphics to answer questions such as, What does the rule of law mean? Why does the rule of law matter? and What should the rule of law guarantee?

The ABA Survey of Civic Literacy 2019 revealed that while 78 percent of the public knew that “the rule of law” means no one is above the law, 15 percent of those surveyed believed incorrectly that it means “the law is always right.”

The new campaign’s videos highlight the rule of law’s promise that the same laws apply to all, government power is bound by the law, everyone has rights and responsibilities, the judiciary is independent and judges are fair and impartial. 

“The term “rule of law” is heard often on the news but there is a lack of understanding among the public as to its meaning,” said ABA President Judy Perry Martinez. “This message educates the public and promotes the values of our democracy.”

Additional components of the campaign will be added later this year. Information and resources on the rule of law and the ABA’s campaign can be found on a web page produced by the ABA Division for Public Education. 

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