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Statement of ABA President Judy Perry Martinez Re: Constitution Day

WASHINGTON, Sept. 16, 2019 – On September 17, 1787, our nation’s founders gave us the gift of the United States Constitution. Now, 232 years later, the American Bar Association asks Americans to observe Constitution Day by taking time to reflect on the importance the Constitution has played in America’s development and the influence it continues to have in our lives every day.

The U.S. Constitution established the framework of our government, organizing it into three co-equal branches. It provides for the separation of powers to protect against any single branch exercising too much influence. It secures the rule of law in our country, ensures fair and impartial courts through an independent judiciary, guarantees the right to a free press and free speech and provides fair processes in courts and other governmental proceedings.

The survival of these rights and freedoms depends on our support and promotion of the Constitution’s principles and values. We are a diverse society, and the ideals of the Constitution help bind us together as Americans. We each have a role to play, whether it is exercising our right to vote or serving on a jury. Upholding the tenets on which our country was founded makes us stronger and connects us with a common purpose.

Happy Constitution Day.

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