December 12, 2018

American Bar Association releases its 2018 TECHREPORT on legal technology trends

WASHINGTON, Dec. 12, 2018 — The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) has released its annual ABA TECHREPORT 2018, a comprehensive publication exploring how attorneys are using technology in their practices. ABA TECHREPORT 2018 combines data from the annual Legal Technology Survey Report with expert analysis, observations and predictions from leaders in the legal technology field.

Separated into nine articles on technology topics, TECHREPORT 2018 covers the prominent areas in technology that lawyers are facing today. The reports concentrate on issues relating to technology use, not product use.

Examples of statistical information included in the report are:

  • 57 percent of law firms budget for technology (compared with 60 percent in 2017, 53 percent in 2016 and 58 percent in 2015). As in prior years, this percentage typically increases with firm size.
  • 72 percent of respondents reported they telecommute, compared to 79 percent in 2017, and 78 percent in 2016. 
  • 37 percent of respondents say they use a general search engine/directory when first starting a research project, compared to 31 percent that utilize a fee-based online resource first.

Five of the nine articles are now available for free on the LTRC’s website,

The other four will be released one at a time on Mondays, beginning in January 2019.

The annual Legal Technology Survey Report, which began more 20 years go by the ABA Law Practice Division, is recognized as the primary source for information regarding the use of technology by attorneys in private practice. The survey is based on responses by actual practicing lawyers — not consultants, vendors or IT staff.

The annual survey report is separated into six volumes and is available for sale on

  • Vol. I: Technology Basics and Security
  • Vol. II: Law Office Technology
  • Vol. III: Online Research
  • Vol. IV: Marketing & Communication Technology
  • Vol. V: Litigation Technology and E-Discovery
  • Vol. VI: Mobile Lawyers

The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center is dedicated to helping legal professionals leverage technology to overcome obstacles, identify opportunities, and improve their practices. An ABA member benefit provided by the Law Practice Division, the LTRC offers many resources, including Law Technology Today, various publications, monthly webinars, the annual Legal Technology Survey Report and more.

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