ABA website update

The American Bar Association launched a newly designed, mobile friendly website, americanbar.org, last October.

As with any major technological change, there have been performance issues. Our outside developer and in-house IT team are working diligently to address those problems, with specific priority being given to ensure members will be able to successfully log in, see their profiles, and receive accurate confirmation of their orders. 

We recognize that some users continue to encounter technical difficulties. If you are experiencing issues logging in or making a purchase, please call our Service Center at (800) 285-2221. We appreciate your support and patience as we continue to work through these issues.

Once fully functional, the new dynamic, user-friendly site is designed to provide an improved user experience including a personalized news feed with custom curated content, enhanced search functionality, and a simplified shopping experience.

Check out the features that the new ABA website has to offer:

Custom, Curated Content & Topics

Now, what you view is within your control! One of the most exciting features of the new ABA website is the ability to curate your own content based on your specific areas of interest. When you log in to My ABA you can select from dozens of specialized topics, directing relevant content – ABA articles, white papers, reports, videos, webinars, and podcasts from leading experts—to your personal news feed.

Alternately, you can personalize your news feed on our dedicated topic pages. Simply click “follow” on the legal topics of most interest to you, populating your feed with information on all the ABA resources, events, and products related to your areas of interest.

Personalize your website experience further by completing your My ABA profile, so you receive only the most relevant information and resources. If you’re not an ABA member yet, just create a My ABA profile before you decide to join, granting you access to free personalized content, exciting news and updates from the ABA, and moving you one step closer to exclusive ABA member benefits.

Why wait? If you would like to join the ABA right now and take advantage of these and other member benefits, click here.  

Enhanced Search Functionality

Not sure what you’re looking for? The enhanced ABA search functionality allows you to peruse through tens of thousands of articles, media files, and products based on specific keywords that can be filtered by publication date, content type, and more!

Easy Shopping Experience

The newly designed shopping experience within Shop ABA and Events & CLE offers a simplified search and checkout process to make product purchases, event registrations, and membership renewals easier than ever!

Shop ABA offers a plethora of publications, books, and other products while the Events & CLE webstore provides an easily searchable catalog of in-person events, webinars, and on-demand CLE programs including an interactive calendar.

You can easily find what you’re looking for, view and adjust your cart, save payment and billing information, and receive special discounts based on your membership status.


In addition to these new features of the ABA website, all web pages are now compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act regulations, making it easier for all visitors to access content.

A Reminder for Current ABA Members

If you are a current ABA member, don’t forget to claim your new My ABA member profile on the new website. Don’t worry, your previous profile information hasn’t been lost, just moved to a new location! Simply visit My ABA to activate your new My ABA member profile and reset your password. It’s really simple!

Help Us Help You

Like all technology launches, this is just a beginning. Over the coming months, additional functionality and content will be added, and site glitches will be fixed. During this time, we encourage you to provide comments and suggestions by completing our feedback form

We hope you enjoy everything the new ABA website has to offer.