May 01, 2018

ABA publishes timely legal guide to conducting business in Russia’s market-based economy

WASHINGTON, May 1, 2018 — The American Bar Association has published “Russia Corporate, Financial, and Commercial Law,” an authoritative legal resource book on the Russian legal system, including financial and commercial laws and methods for dispute resolution. The book is an essential guide for those either doing business in Russia or who want to know more about the Russian legal and commercial landscape.

With increasing business opportunities and investment in Russia following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, implementing effective investment strategies and successful business relationships with (and between) Russian entities requires the ability to navigate the business laws of Russia.

The book is written for business professionals, government officials, academics and practicing attorneys. It is the only legal reference to provide practical legal lessons, case studies and a detailed analysis for conducting business with Russia. Subject areas include the legal and financial systems; the laws and legal developments in the areas of natural resources, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions; bankruptcy laws; and dispute resolution through litigation or arbitration in Russia.

The book is edited by Scott Alexandr Shostak, who has studied Russian law for more than 25 years and participated in conferences, forums, higher education courses and committees on the laws, rules, regulations and court system of Russia. He has advised Russian government municipalities and regional offices, including Anatoly Sobchak, then Mayor of St. Petersburg. Shostak has extensive legal experience in economic development and real property law with a specialty in waterfront matters as a counsel for the City of New York, the Brooklyn Navy Yard and New York City Economic Development Corporation.

Title:                              “Russia Corporate, Financial, and Commercial Law
Publisher:                     ABA Publishing
Pages:                         210
Product Code:             5210303
ISBN:                            9781641051149
Price:                            $99.95
Orders:                         Order the book at or call (800) 285-2221

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