December 20, 2017

ABA Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence launches “On the Ground” podcast

WASHINGTON, Dec. 20, 2017 — The ABA Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence has created a new podcast called On the Ground. The podcast will be hosted by Anya Lynn-Alesker, managing attorney at the commission. In its first season called On the Ground: In the Field D.C., listeners will hear questions from new attorneys and responses to those questions from seasoned attorneys in domestic violence civil litigation.

The first season, aimed at new attorneys in the field, will focus on complex questions “on the ground and in the courtroom,” from “real” attorneys who want to strengthen their knowledge and their practice of laws that govern their cases. Topics include raising a respondent’s child abuse history; incorporating evidence of older domestic violence incidents into your current litigation; and responding to an opposing party who has not fully complied with a custody order.

Episodes are approximately 15 minutes long. The show is available online and you can find it for streaming or subscribing on Soundcloud or iTunes.

Upcoming guests for On the Ground: In the Field D.C. include:

  • Madeline Garcia Bigelow – managing director of the Domestic Violence Project and associate director at the Urban Justice Center

  • Amie Lopez – principal attorney at Amie Lopez Law, Inc.

  • Protima Pandey – managing attorney at Bay Area Legal Aid

  • Stacey Platt – clinical professor of law and the associate director of the Civitas Child Law Clinic at Loyola University Chicago School of Law

  • Beth Posner – clinical assistant and professor of law at the University of North Carolina School of Law

The second season, called On the Ground: #MeToo, is scheduled for release in early 2018.

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