March 07, 2016

New ABA book offers innovative and successful business models for remaking law firms

CHICAGO, March 7, 2016 — With the changing times and issues like the global financial crisis, traditional law firm business models are no longer working. To respond, law firms will have to go beyond just cutting costs, they need to adopt business models that are better adapted to serve their clients not just today, but well into the future. This will mean remaking their business models in accordance with the needs of their commercial clients.

The American Bar Association book “Remaking Law Firms: Why and How” provides examples of innovative and successful business models from remade law firms. Ultimately, this book is meant to fuel a desire for change in law firms that goes beyond thinking and planning, and leads straight into implementing change, and ultimately to better client service.

What others are saying about the book:

A lively blend of consulting experience and management theory, this book sets a challenging agenda for law firms of the future. With evident expertise, George Beaton and Imme Kaschner ask and answer the central questions of strategy for twenty-first century legal businesses.

– Professor Richard Susskind, author of “Tomorrow’s Lawyers and The Future of the Professions”

The status quo in the legal industry has a way of ossifying in the minds of law firm leaders. We had better get over it. George Beaton and Imme Kaschner predict a world in which change must be embraced as you would an old friend. Ignore their message at your peril.

– Peter J. Kalis, chairman and global managing partner, K&L Gates LLP

There is currently no roadmap to the future for the chronically myopic, change-averse legal profession. Fortunately, now comes this book which tells us in well-documented detail how to pack our bags for the journey ahead.

– Janet Welch, executive director, State Bar of Michigan

Stuart Clark

Title:                “Remaking Law Firms: Why and How”
Publisher:         ABA Publishing
Pages:               272
Product Code:   5190528
ISBN:                978-1-63425-396-3
Size:                  7x10
Binding:            Paperback
Price:                $69.95
Orders:             Order the book at or call 800-285-2221.

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