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ABA SciTech publication to release ‘Eyes Everywhere,’ an espionage-focused issue


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ABA SciTech publication to release ‘Eyes Everywhere,’ an espionage-focused issue

By John Glynn

WASHINGTON, Feb. 25, 2014 — The American Bar Association Section of Science & Technology Law will release this week its winter 2014 issue of The SciTech Lawyer, which features stories about  espionage.


“Did you know that cybercriminals use computer games both to steal your identity and to access your private records?” said Hugh B. Wellons, chair of the Section of Science & Technology Law. “In fact, just using the Internet to purchase things, buy tickets, watch movies — and even where you go with your cellphone — may already tell the wrong people more than you want them to know.”

The winter issue is a collection of articles written by some of the country’s foremost cybersecurity and information privacy experts and technology lawyers, who are available to media outlets seeking sources. Experts and their articles include:

  • “US Government Eavesdropping on Electronic Communications: Where Are We Going?” by Konrad L. Trope
  • “Constitutionality of NSA Cybersurveillance: Early Cases Split Between Privacy and Counterespionage” by Ted Claypoole
  • “State-Sponsored Cybercrime: From Exploitation to Disruption to Destruction” by Kimberly Peretti and Jared Slade
  • “Pillaging the Digital Treasure Troves: The Technology, Economics, and Law of Cyberespionage” by David Z. Bodenheimer and Gordon Griffin
  • “Criminals and Computer Games” by Deanna Adams
  • “Whoops! How Your ‘Convenience’ Broadcasts Your Secrets” by Brendan O’Connor

The SciTech Lawyer magazine provides information about recent developments in law, science, medicine and technology and is published quarterly. The winter issue contains six articles and sidebars and will be available Feb. 28.

The ABA can refer reporters to legal experts available to speak about espionage, data breaches, privacy concerns and other cybercrimes. Reporters seeking comment and analysis on this subject or a complimentary copy of the winter 2014 issue may contact Betsy Adeboyejo at 202-662-1039 or at for more information. 

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