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2014 Alexander Award: The New Jersey Law and Education Empowerment Project


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2014 Alexander Award: The New Jersey Law and Education Empowerment Project

By John Glynn

NJ LEEP Executive Director Craig Livermore talks about the success of the legal outreach model he founded in partnership with Seton Hall Law School in 2006. The NJ LEEP College Bound Program is a comprehensive, four-year program for high school students. Beginning in the sixth grade, NJ LEEP provides school-based programs that facilitate mock trial and debate competitions as well as supply law-related curricula and teacher training on the curricula. The program boasts a 100 percent college matriculation rate among program graduates. After graduating from the program, participants continue to receive counseling as well as pre-law and financial support. 

The Raymond Pace and Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander Award is named after Raymond Pace Alexander, a lawyer and judge in Pennsylvania, and a leading civil rights advocate; and his wife, Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander, one of the first African American women to receive a doctorate in the United States, who went on to earn a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. 

The ABA Council for Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Educational Pipeline presents the Alexander Award to recognize exemplary leadership in pipeline work by an individual or organization.  The award honors those demonstrating success working along the educational pipeline in a collaborative approach involving more than one segment of the continuum from preschool to high school to college to law school to the practice.

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