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For this holiday season, ABA’s ‘Little Books’ make big gifts


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For this holiday season, ABA’s ‘Little Books’ make big gifts

By Irma Romero

CHICAGO, Dec. 12, 2013 — Sometimes the law can be dry and boring. It doesn’t have to be. The Little Books of Law Series from the American Bar Association can provide a little absurdity and hilarity this holiday season while providing legal concepts and framework on a variety of pastimes and passions of lawyers.

The Little Book of Holiday Law” and the “The Little Book of Golf Law, Second Edition” are the latest releases in this series from the ABA. Each book — like previous “Little Books” on Elvis Law, Baseball Law, Wine Law, Cowboy Law and Coffee Law, among others — are entertaining and well written by lawyers who convey sometimes complex legal concepts in light, conversational language. Any of the series’ dozen books, smartly priced starting at $19.95, make for a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer for any person who cares about the subject area and has a fancy for the law.

While intended to be lighter look at a range of serious legal topics, the “Little Books,” at their heart, are casebooks offering a collection of cases in a certain area. In “The Little Book of Elvis Law,” for example, readers will find a significant range of cases tied to the King of Rock and Roll, including paternity suits, wills and estate issues, copyright infringement and libel cases. 

Of the two newest additions to the series, “The Little Book of Holiday Law” covers holidays big and small, religious and secular, and looks at many different types of legal cases covering such areas as the Establishment Clause and public displays of religious celebration; First and 14th Amendment rights violations; holiday child custody and visitation issues; and Halloween pranks gone astray. “The Little Book of Golf Law” explores a wide array of legal issues, from personal injury claims for negligence to products liability, contract disputes, hole-in-one fraud and more — all under the umbrella of the game of golf.

We would greatly appreciate if you would consider “The Little Books of Law Series” or any of the books in an upcoming holiday shopping story. For more information on the series, author interviews or review copies, please call or send an email to Neal Cox at the 312-988-6030 or at 

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