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Urges Consideration of Jurors’ Understanding of Forensic Science


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Urges Consideration of Jurors’ Understanding of Forensic Science

By admin

RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association urges judges and lawyers to consider the following factors in formulating jury voir dire in criminal cases where forensic science evidence is contested:

  1. Jurors’ understanding of general scientific principles, including specialized training in science, knowledge or education in science and experience with laboratory practices;
  2. Jurors’ understanding of specific scientific principles relevant to the forensic science evidence that may be presented at trial, including specialized training, knowledge or education in the specific scientific discipline used in the case;
  3. Any preconceptions that jurors may have about the forensic science evidence; and
  4. Jurors’ bias for or against scientific evidence, including whether scientific results will be accepted or rejected without consideration.

Proposed Resolution and Report


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