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President Robinson Honors Those Who Serve


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President Robinson Honors Those Who Serve

By Edward McEneely

On this Veterans Day, the American Bar Association honors the exceptional men and women who bravely serve or have served in the United States Armed Forces.  Their courageous efforts to protect and defend our country deserve our gratitude and appreciation.


The ABA maintains its longstanding commitment to assist with the legal needs of service members, which include securing medical care, disability benefits, reemployment, consumer needs, housing, criminal justice issues and family law matters.

The association has created a host of programs, projects, initiatives and services to aid our veterans.  The ABA Military Pro Bono Project and ABA Home Front provide legal resources for military families.  Our Young Lawyers Division has launched Project Salute: Young Lawyers Serving Veterans, a year-long mission to inform veterans about their rights and assist them with obtaining benefits via legal clinics throughout the nation.

For too many of our veterans, the road home is interrupted by cycles of poverty, incarceration or homelessness.  The association’s Commission on Homelessness and Poverty, along with the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, is actively engaged in the development and preservation of Veterans Treatment Courts that help veterans overcome chronic legal obstacles that prevent them from receiving needed benefits and services.  Veterans are served by 80 such courts around the country.

By partnering with the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and other groups, ABA lawyers host free training and provide counsel on how to meet the legal needs of veterans through special initiatives such as Homeless Courts.

In addition, the ABA supports our military lawyers who relentlessly work to uphold the rule of law and preserve our constitutional democracy all over the world.

We honor and applaud all of our veterans for their service to this great nation.

For more information about the ABA’s programs for veterans, please go

(Media contact:  Rabiah Burks, 202-662-1002,

Please click here for a biography and photo of Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III.

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