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ABA Techshow: Southwest by South


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ABA Techshow: Southwest by South

By Jeffrey Jenkins

The southwest and south exhibit halls to the American Bar Association's Techshow at the Chicago Hilton opened Thursday. There were no flash mobs, but plenty of signs in the southwest hall that new and enhanced products continue to be released after LegalTech New York. Among the offerings:

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• Santa Clara, Calif.-based Connected Data debuted its Transporter product (pictured left). It is an on-premise, network storage device designed to share files with other Transporter devices anywhere in the world, even if they are behind a firewall. In effect, the Transporter is a personal cloud, i.e., a Dropbox replacement that is quiet and aesthetic enough to sit on your desk.
The cone-shaped, fanless receptacle stores a 2.5-inch SATA II hard drive with Ethernet and USB interconnects. You manage and control files stored on the device and configure file sharing with others using an internet browser (Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox will do).
The Transporter runs a BusyBox embedded Linux operating system and supports Mac OS X Lion (10.7.x) and above and Windows 7 and 8. It sits in a 5.5" x 4" x 4" (H x W x D) housing, and supports all major internet browsers to manage and configure the device. Visit Connected Data in the Southwest Hall (booth #823).
• Herndon, Va.-based NTrepid Corp. unveiled Timestream, a matter management platform designed to help users manage and collaborate on investigations, and then present the results as stories. It helps users explain complex series of events in time, in documents, and in other digital assets (e.g., images, sound recordings). Users can collect, tag, store, and encrypt digital files, and a hash verifies authenticity and establishes a chain of custody. Files can be visualized and presented in any web browser available on the desktop.
Timestream runs on Windows and Mac OS X. No software installation or administrative rights are necessary to run the program from a hard drive or removable media. Timestream will be released to the public shortly after the ABA Techshow, company officials said. Demonstrations are available in the Southwest Hall (booth #910).
Speech Processing Solutions, aka Philips, brought its new SpeechMike Premium desktop microphone (pictured left) to the ABA Techshow. It has a free-floating microphone — decoupled from its housing — beneath a protective grille at the top of its ergonomically designed handle. The microphone reduced background noise, such as touch-and-click noises made from operating the device, says the company, and also mutes air and structural noise created when moving the device while it is recording.
The SpeechMike is a plug-and-play device (Mac and Windows compatible). Dictation functions (record, rewind, fast-forward) can be operated with one thumb. It can also control your computer with an integrated stainless steel trackball mouse that supports left and right mouse-clicks and includes four programmable function keys.
When you set the SpeechMike down on a table, its integrated motion sensor mutes the microphone. When you pick it up, the sensor activates the device to enable recording. But that's not all. The microphone supports a push-button barcode scanner integrated into the back of the device that can scan barcodes up to 23 inches away. See how the SpeechMike stacks up against the Olympus DR-2300 in the southwest hall (booth #713). Check out how Philips' SpeechExec integrates with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 12 as well (booth #708 or #713).
• Orion Law Management Systems Inc., which offers financial and practice management software for law firms, debuted Orion 4.5. The new version includes credit card processing, an advanced event manager for docket administration, the Orion Microsoft Office Productivity Pack, and more than 100 enhancements.
The Office productivity package facilitates calendar management. Appointments can be created and linked to corresponding matters outside of the practice management software, using Microsoft's Outlook appointments. The upgrade adds Smart Timers, which can be related to matters while working in Outlook and Word.
Orion 4.5 also updates features in the A/R Collection Manager and adds Working Timekeeper payments to the Payment Calendar. Note that Orion's iOS financial management app, which was iOrion when announced at LegalTech, is now available. See the new 4.5 and mobile app at booth #604.
• Worldox Software Corp. introduced Worldox for Mac. It supports many of the same features as the Windows client, including opening and saving Office and PDF files in the Worldox DMS, full-text searching, version control, check-in and check-out as well as email integration. The Mac client works with Worldox GX3 and Worldox GX3 Cloud. Web demonstrations and trial software are available now. The full release will issue this summer (booth #316-318).
• If you are thinking of virtualizing desktops in house, talk to Dan Feinstein, directory of sales at Adar IT, in booth #616. Adar IT specializes in virtualizing your desktops as a managed service. Hint: The live, golden Lady of Justice stands before Adar IT.
• Canon U.S.A. Inc. is exhibiting its imageFormula document scanners from the P-150 mobile document scanner to the ScanFront 300P (P for fingerprint reader, pictured left), network standalone scanner, to high-speed departmental scanners DR-6010C and DR-6030C (booth #812).
• I stopped by Smokeball in booth #613 to see what could be behind that name at a technology show. Smokeball is a document automation tool that merges matter, client, and other details into Microsoft Word documents. The document automation provider has more than 3,000 pre-automated forms, including court forms, however jurisdictions were regional to the Midwest (booth #613).
• Are you looking to come up to speed quickly to service startups, investors, and crowdfunding sites? Check out VentureDocs, which offers customized and automated legal documents for venture capitalists and law firms (booth #717).
• Looking to save some money in travel costs and videoconferencing costs? Check out Zoom in booth #719. Zoom offers unified meeting places in high-definition video conferencing starting at $10 a month. Hint: Browning Marean, of DLA Piper, apparently liked the product so much he was distributing the business cards of Nick Chon, head of product at Zoom, in the South Hall.
The ABA Techshow exhibit halls continue today (Friday April 5) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Hilton Chicago.