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ABA Commissioner Saenz of MALDEF Receives White House Honor


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ABA Commissioner Saenz of MALDEF Receives White House Honor

By Brian Graupner

Thomas Saenz, a commissioner serving on the American Bar Association Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights & Responsibilities, is one of the 16 “Champions of Change” lawyers who will be honored at the White House today.

Thomas Saenz

The lawyers will be recognized for their work in using the law “to close the justice gap” in America.

Saenz is the president and CEO of Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund in Los Angeles. The organization, also known as the “law firm of the Latino community,” works to promote social change and implement programs that are designed to guide Latinos in acclimating into the mainstream of American political and socio-economic life.

Saenz has served as a commissioner on the ABA Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights & Responsibilities since 2010.

President Barack Obama’s administration hosts a “Champions of Change” group every week to share ideas in an effort to “win the future.”

This week, the Champions of Change will participate in a panel discussion with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

To view “Champions of Change: Closing the Justice Gap in America” live, go to at 2 p.m. EST.