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ABA, AARP to jointly publish book for family survivors


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ABA, AARP to jointly publish book for family survivors

By mcintosg

For the first time, the American Bar Association and AARP are combining forces in the book publishing realm. The ABA Checklist for Family Survivors, scheduled for publication in early 2014, will be jointly published by the two groups.

Intended as a complete resource for when a loved one dies, the book gathers into one place an abundance of important documents and information regarding the multiple steps a family must take during that difficult time. The ABA Checklist for Family Survivors, authored by AARP lawyer Sally Hurme, will show how to:

  • Create a simple system to organize investments, assets and estate planning information.
  • Keep letters and forms up-to-date.
  • Gather important information in either paper or electronic form.
  • Get organized in financial and legal matters.
  • Assemble a team and work with key advisers to handle everything in confidence.
  • Take responsibility in an especially difficult situation.

“This AARP and ABA co-publishing venture is the perfect pairing of two distinct brands in which both groups are committed to providing quality content,” said Richard G. Paszkiet, director of ABA Entity Book Content Publishing. “AARP, with more than 37 million members, offers the ABA access to a huge market, and it’s a good showcase for highlighting the incredible content that the ABA produces on a regular basis.

“The ABA Checklist for Family Survivors, with the marketing might of AARP, will be pitched to major networks and news channels, including radio, cable and local television outlets. The book will be promoted by AARP, which publishes the AARP the Magazine and the AARP Bulletin, which reach 22 million readers, and broadcasts AARP Radio, which has a weekly reach of more than 1 million listeners.

“ABA Book Publishing expects the book to be a strong seller. We will have an initial print run of 10,000 copies, and Checklist should easily be one of the ABA’s top selling books in 2014.”

The ABA Checklist for Family Survivors is intended as a companion volume to Hurme’s The ABA Checklist for Family Heirs (2011), published solely by the ABA.

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