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Business-Personal Travel

Orbitz for Business provides you with:

  • Easy access to competitive pricing plus ABA hotel and car rental discounts for personal or work travel

  • Establish a profile and book travel 24/7 online or offline toll-free at 1-877-222-4185

  • Change and cancel reservations online; track and apply unused tickets

  • Receive TLC Alerts regarding gate changes, flight delays, cancellations and other important real-time information about travel conditions

  • Book travel on your mobile device

Flying to ABA Meetings

American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines

  • Receive discounts automatically with reservations made on the ABA Orbitz for Business booking site. *A Travel Profile is required when booking airline reservations with ABA Orbitz for Business, visit for more information.

  • Airfare discounts are available through the ABA travel agency Orbitz for Business, Reservations can also be made for a higher fee with the travel agent, Orbitz, at 877-222-4185.

Book direct with airline:

Delta Airlines: call 1-800-328-1111

  • ABA File Meeting Code Domestic: NMKEJ

  • ABA File Meeting Code International: NMJHL

  • Delta Airlines Discount avialbe at Online using Meeting Event Codes

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