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Small Firm Attorney Membership

ABA Membership Dues

Small Firm Lawyer Dues Rates

With annual membership dues starting at just $75, it doesn't take long for membership to pay for itself. Check eligibility and membership rates today.

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Upcoming CLE Webinars

GPSolo hosts live CLE webinars that focus on issues relevant to the small firm lawyer.

Complimentary GPSolo Membership

Our motto "Your Success Our Mission" reflects the focus of the Division to provide Small Firm lawyers with relevant and timely member benefits, including more than 400 CLE titles from our Library, a Career Center with regular podcasts and webinars, an acclaimed magazine, e-newsletters, networking events, and much more.

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ABA Retirement Funds Program

Relieve your firm of the investment selection and investment monitoring process. Save money by investing in a structure that provides investment management at no additional cost to law firms of all sizes, even solo practitioners.

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Resource Center

The Solo and Small Firm Resource Center is a one-stop-shop for marketing, technology, practice management, and substantive law resources for solo and small firm lawyers

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Practice Forward Amid COVID-19

Move your practice and the legal profession forward during the pandemic and beyond with continually updated tools and resources.

The ABA is for Everyone

The ABA offers countless resources to lawyers, judges, law students and those who are interested in law-related issues.

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If you’re a law student or an employee of a participating law firm, we may have an account with your name on it.