Membership FAQ

Why should I join the ABA?

The ABA is dedicated to providing members with resources that help them become better legal professionals and to advocating for the rule of law both domestically and abroad.

How can the ABA save me money?

The ABA offers member discounts, including savings on CLE, publications, and purchases from ABA Advantage's name-brand companies. For many members, the cost of membership pays for itself through these savings.

When can I start to use my member benefits?

Take advantage of your new membership the moment you receive your membership number. Your membership number will be emailed (if the address is provided) to you upon enrollment. New members can expect to receive their welcome kit within two to three weeks following enrollment processing. View details about your membership at MyABA.

Why don't I receive the ABA Journal magazine?

Most members receive a printed monthly copy of the ABA Journal magazine. The magazine is sent electronically to law students and international members. If you recently changed your address with the ABA, please allow up to six weeks for the change to take effect.

Who can join the ABA?

Membership in the ABA is open to all people through different membership categories. You may join as a U.S. licensed lawyer, a non-U.S. licensed lawyer, law student (at an ABA-accredited law school), student associate (a post-secondary education–level student) or a non–lawyer (includes paralegals, law librarians, economists and others interested in the ABA).

How do I join the ABA?

Join the ABA at any time using the Join Us link on the ABA homepage. 

How do I join a Section, Division or Forum?

Join a specialty group using our convenient online, fax or telephone options.

When is the membership year?

The ABA annual membership year is from September 1 through August 31. Dues are prorated as the membership year progresses.

How much does it cost to join the ABA?

Annual membership fees are based on the type of membership. For U.S. licensed lawyers, dues are increased based on years in practice. Special dues rates are available for some member categories. 

Am I eligible for a free or discounted membership?

The ABA offers free and discounted memberships for seniors, solos, government lawyers, judges, legal service and public interest lawyers. Lawyers facing financial hardship also may be eligible for special rates.

Are my dues tax deductible?

You may be able to deduct up to 97.5% of your dues as a business expense on your U.S. taxes. The ABA estimates that 2.5% of your total ABA dues is allocated to ABA lobbying activities and therefore is not deductible. Be sure to consult your tax advisor with any questions.

How can I pay my dues?

Log into MyABA and follow the instructions to pay online. You may call the Member Service Center to pay by phone at 800-285-2221 between 9 am and 6 pm ET on weekdays. Or, mail your payment in the postage-paid envelope provided in your dues invoice.

Am I already a member?

There are two easy ways to confirm your membership. Check your status by accessing your online member profile. You also may confirm your membership by contacting the Member Service Center at 800-285-2221 between 9 am and 6 pm ET on weekdays.

When will I receive my renewal notice?

Membership renewal notices are sent in April\May for the membership year beginning September 1. We appreciate your prompt payment, which helps us contain our mail expenses.

What is a Section, Division or Forum?

ABA Sections, Divisions and Forums focus on specific areas of law or career stage, facilitating more in-depth examination of issues, regulations and trends.

Why should I join a Section, Division or Forum?

ABA members value their Section, Division or Forum memberships for the substantive information provided through periodicals, webinars and discussion boards along with the opportunity to build a national network of colleagues.

Can I join a Section, Division or Forum without joining the ABA?

No. Membership in Sections, Divisions and Forums is available only to ABA members.

How much does it cost to join a Section, Division or Forum?

Dues vary by group but generally average about $55 per membership year. Some specialty groups also offer free or discounted membership for select members.

How do I update my Section, Division and Forum memberships?

You can view the status of your specialty memberships and make any changes you like on your MyABA page or by contacting the Member Service Center.