With UPS shipping, tracking and billing technology combined with security and insurance features, you’ll build trust and loyalty with every overnight delivery.

ABA members now have access to new and improved flat rate pricing - no matter how much you ship, when you ship, or where it’s going

Members-Only Savings Include:

•           10%* on UPS Next Day Air® Early
•           50% on Domestic Next Day / Deferred
•           30% on Ground Commercial / Residential
•           International: 50% on Export / 40% on Import / 25% Canada Standard
•           Savings begin at 75%* on UPS Freight® shipments over 150  lbs.
•           In addition, members can take advantage of UPS Smart  Pickup® service for free.

*Visit for specific services and discounts.

Open a new account, or if you are already taking advantage of our UPS savings program, re-enroll and apply the new discounts to your existing account by going online or calling 1-800-MEMBERS (1-800-636-2377), M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., ET. 

Receive enhanced protection.

Minimize financial setbacks with insurance through UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc., by protecting your shipments. Members can save up to 17% over their current declared value and get broader coverage in the event of a loss or damage. There is no fee to sign up and charges are incorporated automatically into your UPS® invoice. Simply enter the value of your goods in the declared value field of the shipping system.

Call: 1-800-MEMBERS (1-800-636-2377) M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET to confirm your participation. Click here for additional information.

Around the world or around the block, UPS offers reliable and flexible shipping options to keep your firm on time and on budget -- now at savings of up to 49% for ABA members only.

And UPS offers Worldwide Express service to more than 120 export and 185 import countries, guaranteeing delivery for peace of mind.

Plus, discover the UPS Access Point™ Network with pickup & drop-off locations, including lockers, to get packages where and when you want them.

Available only to ABA members.

Your 2020 UPS Holiday Shipping Guide
Ship Early: Use your ABA member-only savings and receive up to 50% off all of your shipments.

Download the 2020 Year-End Schedule:
Get the latest info. on UPS's holiday shipping calendar, services and ship by dates. 

 Protect Your Packages and Your Bottom Line
: With shipping insurance coverage through UPS Capital, simply enter the value in the declared value of your UPS® approved shipping system and you are on your way to the brighter side.

New Flat rate pricing from UPS!

Save 50% on next day shipping and 30% on ground. For details and updates regarding shipping and COVID-19 visit online.

With UPS Customized Express Envelopes, you’ll make a bold statement about your business, and we'll back that up with exceptional service and reliability for your clients.