Sprint works to deliver savings on wireless service and innovative solutions. ABA members get Sprint's top tier Unlimited Premium plan for the price of the mid-tier Unlimited Plus plan – a savings of $120/year!

Automated Business Enrollment
Complete the automated business enrollment form for your business/company plan discount.
Manual Business Enrollment
To manually enroll for the business/company plan discount, complete the enrollment agreement form and send to MemberContracts@sprint.com.

Individual Plan Discount
Complete the required verification form to access the Individual Plan discount. 

Learn More
Call 866-507-5132, visit www.sprint.com/ABA or contact ABA@sprint.com to reach your dedicated membership team.

Special offers:  Get Sprint’s top-tier Unlimited Premium plan and receive Amazon Prime, Hulu, Tidal, 100GB Hotspot and Unlimited Roaming in Canada and Mexico. That’s an $875 value on Sprint!

For business customers, get Sprint’s Unlimited Premium plan and receive Amazon Prime and Full HD Video Streaming, 100GB Hotpot, Sprint Secure Wi-Fi to protect your devices, Unlimited Talk, Text and Data, Global Roaming in more than 200 worldwide destinations and roaming in Canada/Mexico with Unlimited 4G LTE Data. That’s an $875 value on Sprint!

Special Offer: COVID-19 Response

Beginning 3/9 through 5/31, ABA members can place unneeded phones/tablets on Seasonal standby, and Sprint will credit 2 months of standby fees, essentially allowing standby for two months for zero cost. This effort is to assist members that may feel the need to suspend some of their lines of service if business is impacted negatively. For more information or assistance, email ABA@Sprint.com. Learn more about how Sprint is responding to COVID-19