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How much is your good name worth to your legal practice?

ReputationDefender protects your reputation and privacy from online threats, and ABA members save 20% off of ReputationDefender's personal and business offerings.

ReputationDefender can help you:

•    Acquire more clients by making a stronger first impression
•    Control which results show up when clients google you
•    Create a robust web presence for your law practice, including a personal website and social media accounts
•    Generate more 5-star reviews from your clients
•    Remove your sensitive personal information from data brokers and people-search sites
•    Protect your privacy and that of your family

About ReputationDefender
ReputationDefender is the leader in the online reputation management and digital privacy space. Founded in 2006, we pioneered the industry—and we remain the largest, most trusted company within it.

We believe that everyone has the right to be empowered online, whether that means ensuring that accurate information appears prominently in search results, helping businesses put their best foot forward, or removing personally identifying information from people-search databases.

ReputationDefender Core Offerings
Defender® – Our flagship offering, Defender® helps people and businesses control their search results. It is a powerful cocktail of technology, expertise, and online publication designed to quickly push up favorable materials while suppressing unfavorable items.

®Local – Designed for the needs of professionals and small businesses, Defender® Local provides you with a powerful online platform for managing your practice’s reviews and social media, including the ability to instantly request reviews from your most trusted clients.

– A comprehensive online privacy solution, ExecutivePrivacy scours the web for your sensitive personal information, removing it from over 100 people-search sites and data brokers who sell it online. We then scan periodically to make sure your data doesn’t get republished.

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