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Lawyer Exchange

Lawyer Exchange helps connect small and solo law practices with a nationwide network of over 3,000 high-quality lawyers looking to work on short-term legal projects. Now your practice can find on-demand help when the need arises, without the risks and costs associated with fulltime or temporary hiring.

Open your free account today, post a legal project at no cost, and pay nothing until your project work is complete! ABA members receive a 50% discount on project service fees when joining through the Lawyer Exchange ABA member discount page.


Reasons Law Practices choose project-based support:

  • High Growth Time

    Expand incrementally as your practice grows without the risk of having to fill a new full-time associate's plate

  • One-time Special Projects

    Find the perfect match for your case that requires specific experience and expertise in a specific area of law or jurisdiction

  • Law Firm Recruiting

    Working with project lawyers can be a great way to find future full-time associates for your law practice

  • Peak/Seasonal Needs

    During your busy season you can easily grow or shrink your team with elasticity that has never existed in the profession

  • Out of town or on vacation

    Have someone take over as much or as little of your practice as you need so you can take time off

  • Of Counsel

    Online, on-demand support when you need help picking up slack in your office or practice

Grow Your Law Firm With On-Demand Project Lawyers from Lawyer Exchange