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As an ABA member, receive great car rental savings with Avis

Year-round savings:
Save up to 35% off base rates when you Pay Now or enjoy up to 25% off base rates when you Pay Later.

Program benefits:
-    Promotional, seasonal, and value added offers stacked on top of our year-round savings
-    Free additional driver at participating locations in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada
-    Receive complimentary Avis Preferred status match 
-    ABA President's Club Donors receive Avis President's Club status

 Enjoy expedited service and accelerate your rewards with Avis Preferred:
-    Earn Avis Preferred Points for every qualifying dollar you spend
-    Use points for rentals, upgrades, and accessories
-    Go straight to your car and drive off at Avis Preferred locations around the world
-    Use the innovative Avis app to choose your car, confirm, cancel or extend the rental