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Promote Yourself as a Proud Member of the American Bar Association

A commitment to the ABA is a commitment to the legal profession. Use the ABA Member Logo on business cards, websites, social media and more. Show the world you're backed by one of the largest legal networks in the United States. 

The American Bar Association (“ABA” or “Association”) is pleased to offer its members a logo (“ABA Member Logo”) that will allow them to proudly display their membership affiliation in the ABA. For this license, all those with membership in the ABA may use the ABA Member Logo, regardless of their membership category. The ABA Member Logo signals commitment to the legal profession through membership in the Association.

Given that member logos have become more commonplace and the significant interest shown by ABA Members, the ABA Board of Governors endorsed (June 2019) the use of the “ABA Member Logo” for the mutual benefit of both the ABA and its membership. We encourage all those with membership in the ABA to use the “ABA Member Logo” to promote themselves as proud members of the ABA consistent with the license terms and conditions. The ABA Member Logo is owned by the ABA. ABA Members receive a limited license to use it in connection with their professional legal activities to distinguish themselves from non-members so long as it is used properly use in conformance with the license terms, and any further direction they receive from the ABA.

Summary of Member Logo License Terms & Conditions

a. The ABA Member Logo can be used only by ABA Members who are in good standing with the ABA for the limited purposes set out in the terms and conditions.

b. “Good standing” means that member dues are current and the membership status has not been suspended or revoked for any reason.

c. The ABA Member Logo may be used as outlined in the guidelines, including, but not limited to business cards, letterheads, external and internal communications, webpages, social media, and other outlets as noted.

d. Read and accept the guidelines. Members need to be signed into their ABA account.