Business Development

Small business owner wearing a face mask during COVID-19

Push the Pause Button? Contracts and COVID-19

Businesses are seeing interruptions in supply, and many contracts can no longer be performed. Businesses are trying to decide whether and how to “push the pause button.” Others are unable to perform their contractual obligations and are trying to determine their legal rights. This article discusses some of the legal issues that inform the decision-making process.

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Courts & Judiciary

Advance the rule of law

To most effectively represent their clients, legal professionals must understand the day to day operations of the courts.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Empty airplane seats due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video: Global Migration During COVID-19

Global migration has ground to a halt as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Embassies and consulates remain closed. Travel restrictions rest with those based in countries ranging from China to the UK, and the Trump Administration, through executive order, is further limiting legal migration to the US.

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Video: Domestic Violence Survivors & the Impact of COVID-19

This webinar considers how COVID responses are affecting legal responses to domestic violence in five key jurisdictions: California, Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, and Washington, and will includes a brief review of the recent federal COVID legislation and what it offers domestic violence survivors.

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Man signing on a digital tablet.

Electronic Signatures, Recordings, and Notarization in Real Estate Law: A State-by-State Checklist

This quick reference chart provides a state-by-state overview of electronic signature, electronic recording, and remote online notarization laws for real estate transactions.

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Immigration Policy and Practice during the Coronavirus Pandemic