Children of Military Deployed Parents

Children of Military Deployed Parents February 2007

RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association urges federal, territorial, state and local lawmakers to respond to the increasing social and family support needs of the young and teenage children of deployed American military members by:
1. Enacting laws entitling designated caregivers of children and families of deployed American service- members to use employment leave time or sick time that such employees have already earned or accrued, to provide direct care and support to those children and families; and
2. Ensuring that all state public school residency laws permit, and make clear that, children of deployed parents who are living with temporary non-parental caretakers, such as grandparents, other relatives or family friends, may attend their local public school tuition-free, or such children may attend their pre- deployment public school tuition-free even when required to move outside that school district to reside with a temporary caretaker.

These represent only those ABA Policy Resolutions in which the Commission on Youth at Risk was the principal sponsor.