Student Loan Survey Results & Recommendations

The 2020 Student Loan Debt Survey Report

With few exceptions, all law school graduates are impacted by student loan debt. And for many, that debt continues to grow after graduation, impacting personal lives, career paths, and mental health. The 2020 ABA YLD Law School Student Loan Debt Survey Report examines the issues at the heart of the student loan crisis, and offers recommendations.

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Financial Fitness: How Your Finances Affect Your Well-Being

A lack of financial fitness is causing a well-being crisis in our profession. This is due in large part to the toll financial stress puts on a lawyer’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. Learn how poor financial fitness can affect your life and practice and get practical solutions from a Certified Financial Advisor.

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Key Strategies for Managing Student Loans and Other Debt

The elephant in every room is that more than 50% of Americans have a debt or credit problem. Yet almost 100% of them are unwilling to talk about it because we are terrified of what others may think...even though they all have the same problem!

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How COVID-19 is Affecting Young Lawyers and Recent Graduates

Lawyers who are entering the profession are now faced with unanticipated challenges upon entry. Along with the challenge of licensure with a delayed bar exam in most jurisdictions, there is also the changing landscape of legal employment combined with the pressures of paying student loans. Learn more about how the current climate is affecting recent graduates.

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How to Leverage Your Money during the Student Loan Payment Suspension

For many borrowers, the student loan relief offered by the CARES Act has presented an opportunity to consider using the extra money toward other financial goals. But where to start? Here are five things that you may wish to consider while you have additional income.

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Your Financial Troubles May Affect More Than Just Your Wallet

Taking control of your finances and putting yourself on the path to financial fitness can boost your self-esteem and reverse some of these mental and physical effects. If you find yourself struggling with financial fitness, now is the time to act.

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10 Tips to Help You Pay Off Your Student Loans and Save for Retirement

How do you tackle both paying off your debt and saving for retirement? By making the right choices early on in your career and by having a clear financial plan.

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15 Considerations for When You’re Planning Your Student Loan Repayment

There are two primary paths to debt elimination. Option one is to pursue student loan forgiveness programs. Option two is to pay off the loan in full. Many attorneys, especially recent graduates, may not know the ideal approach for many years. Because of this uncertainty, student loan planning requires an understanding of various strategies and considerations.

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Debt, Credit, Student Loans, Buying a House . . . Where Do I Start?

Financial stress is one of the biggest issues facing Americans. Many young professionals are not able to buy a house or are putting off marriage due to overwhelming debt issues, including student loans, credit cards, and other types of debt.

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Best Personal Finance and Investment Apps

With thousands of apps to pick from it’s hard to know which apps to choose. If you need an app to help you save for vacation, keep track of your monthly budget, or invest for retirement, the solution is on this list.

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