Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Take advantage of this limited PSLF waiver opportunity by Oct. 31!

The Department of Education has announced a limited Public Service Loan Forgiveness waiver. The waiver refers to time-limited changes to the PSLF Program rules that allow borrowers to receive credit for past periods of repayment that would otherwise not qualify for PSLF. This opportunity ends on Oct. 31, 2022.

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Student Loan Surveys

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The 2021 Student Debt Survey

Most young lawyers struggle to pay off their student loans—with 65 percent saying they suffer from overwhelming stress because of mounting debt. That's according to the ABA's 2021 Student Loan Survey, which compiled responses from more than 1,300 lawyers. See the results from this survey as well as our results from 2020.

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ABA Student Loan Advocacy

ABA Student Loan Advocacy

What we do (and how you can get involved)

The ABA YLD’s Student Loans and Financial Wellness advocates for reduced loan burdens while providing practical resources for managing debt. Contact Aaron Sohaski ( to get involved. The team recently joined in a Student Debt Week of Week on Capitol Hill.

Student Debt - Week of Action

Student Loans CLE and Videos

Understanding and Navigating the Student Debt Crisis

Recapping the 2021 Results

The ABA hosted a panel to discuss the findings of “Student Debt: The Holistic Impact on Today’s Young Lawyer” at a Facebook Live event. Learn more about the impact of debt in the lives of attorneys and how it affects mental health.

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Articles on Student Loans and Finances

How to Leverage Your Money during the Student Loan Payment Suspension

For many borrowers, the student loan relief offered by the CARES Act has presented an opportunity to consider using the extra money toward other financial goals. But where to start? Here are five things that you may wish to consider while you have additional income.

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