Walk the Talk: Moving the Diversity and Inclusion Needle Forward

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About the Webinar

Learn evidence-based solutions and innovative ideas to solve the diversity gap within the legal profession.

Despite the hard work and passion of stakeholders to diversify the talent pool, the “needle” hasn’t quite moved fast enough or far enough. The legal profession, more than ever, is under pressure to recruit, retain, and promote women and diverse attorneys.

To drive greater progress, it was announced in the Fall of 2019 that five Big Law firms, twenty-five general counsels, and community leaders will tackle this issue head-on with a collaborative approach. These partners will work together with the Move the Needle Fund -- a first of its kind experimental laboratory -- to model learning and transformative change in the legal profession.

This program will assess the importance of making measurable investments in diversity and inclusion goals. Specifically, panelists will discuss the goals of this commitment; explore why improved approaches to work/life integration, hiring, compensation, work allocation, and performance reviews are key; and drive home the trifecta (recruitment, retention, and promotion).


  • David Lee Morrow II


  • Caren Ulrich Stacy
  • Catherine Chaskin
  • Lora Danielle Blum
  • Lorraine S McGowen